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10. I wish someone would make men's concealed carry Capri pants.

9. I don't want my grandfather's guns, they are too old.

8. My next range bag will be a Gucci or Burberry if I can ever make my mind up.

7. No thanks, I have enough ammo already.

6. The .45 ACP and the 30-06 were huge mistakes.

5. As soon as someone makes a lavender scented AR-15 I'll buy one.

4. John Moses Browning? John Moses Browning? Nope, never heard of him. What did he do?

3. Tell that bikini model wearing the thigh holster she is not welcome here.

2. Although it was a tough decision I decided to donate to Obama's campaign instead of getting a new XD.

1. The right to keep and bear arms could be interpreted to mean a lot of different things.

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14. Does this knife match my Glock?

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-"yea hunny I would love to go to your parents instead of the gun show"..even though many of us do this although we don't want to.
-"I think I'll just take my pepper spray today"

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Do they make a IWB for skinny jeans?

I'm going to melt my guns, they are too dangerous.
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