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I met a guy today at my uncles place. And when we started talking about guns (glocks to be specific) he pulled out a g22 gen 3 and I explained to him that I had a g23 and g27 gen3. And how I wanted a g22 to complete my family. He laughed and asked me how much I paid for my glock. And I told him 550 otd for my 23 and proudly told him 400 for my 27! Again he laughed and asked how much I thought he paid for his g22. I said, probly about 550-575$. Again he laughed. And told me 1$. And of course I said no way!! And he said, I'm serious the police in the town put on a benefit for a wounded cop and the had a raffle to when prizes and the tickets cost 1$ he bought one just for the hell of it thinking he'd never win. All of a sudden they called his name and he won the g22!!! I don't know how people are this lucky but I know one things for sure I'd love to pay a dollar for a glock!!
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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