1/24/12 Cnet article- Innovation brought the rise of the Glock handgun

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by tbhracing, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. tbhracing

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    Came out today and I didnt see it posted yet. Seems to be lots of inaccurate information on the Glock as well-

  2. iGlock

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    Its like the author is bashing and not bashing the glock at the same time. People need to wake up already; people kill people, guns dont kill people.

  3. Kmurray96

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    Bloomberg, as in billionaire-turned-politician Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC. Who will become the #1 enemy to legal gun owners as soon as he leaves office and resumes control of his media company.

    This guy even used officers of the NYPD to infiltrate out of state gun shows to "expose" illegal gun sales. He did this on the NYC taxpayers dime. Was he looking for any known NYC thugs buying guns out of state? Sure, to justify him sending his officers. But, his main reason is he is a hostile opponent of gun shows all together.

    This the same man who thought NYC needed him, so badly, that he used his power and influence to change the city charter so he could run for a third term. Of, course, now that he's in that term, the charter has been changed back to a two term limit.

    Bloomberg, with his money and media influence is a great reason to join the NRA...NOW!

    If Obama gets re-elected and Bloomberg gets cozy with him (this was a guy who started out a republican and is now considered an independent because he'll back any issue that will buy him a vote), I'll guarantee the first thing will be an enormous rise in gun purchase taxes and taxes on ammo.

    Think of a $1000 G17 and $50 for FMJ range ammo.