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  1. Glock Accessories & Gear
    I'm wanting to put on a Suarez street comp, but I know that compensated pistols can have trouble cycling lighter loads/training ammo. Things being the way they are this past year I want to able to reliably shoot whatever 9mm I can get my hands on. Does anyone have experience with the glock 43x...
  2. Glock Forum
    Apologies in advance if this is posted in the wrong section. I bought a brand new Gen3 G20 last week. I put about 50rds of Sig ball rounds thru and it ran as well as my Gen4 G20's. Took it home to disassemble it. As I am taking the slide off the rsa falls out and the barrel almost does but I...
  3. Glock Forum
    Glock 17 Gen 3, Lone Wolf threaded barrel, with Lone Wolf short comp, picatinny rear sight rail, with charging handle and dot sight. Gun functions flawlessly with comp removed, and thread protector on. With compensator on, slide appears to not have enough recoil energy and smoke stacks the...
  4. Sold/Expired
    Hi everyone. I'm interested in a tungsten or stainless steel guide rod for my G27. I gotta reduce that recoil! Thx
  5. Glock Forum
    The Recoil Spring Assembly (RSA) on GLOCKS is a very important part of the operational chain that determines if the pistol fires or not. GLOCK highly reccommends replacing the RSA every 3 to 5 thousand rounds. Will the pistol operate longer on a worn spring, sure it will. Well, it might and...
1-5 of 5 Results