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  1. Range Reports
    Time to shoot some rounds through the G48 These cases are very convenient IMHO 147gr ammo Time to start :) Very fun to shoot and deviation when firing sequences of 5 relatively quick shots is not much. I'd like to practice this fast firing a little more but I do it when I'm alone at...
  2. Range Reports
    Really excited to take the mini 14 to the range with the following 'upgrades': Choate Ventilated Handguard Black cobra rifle sling Pachmayr decelerator recoil pad Mo-Rod 5,5 inch barrel stabilizer. Ruger scope rings 30mm. Scope TruGlo Eminus 24. Some 30 round mags (dedicated to the many Austin...
  3. Range Reports
    Hi GF fellows! Last Saturday I went to the range, spent about one hour there and I just like to share my target results. So far I fired 825 rounds with my lovely G45 and I'm focusing on grip, trigger control and other precious suggestions my friend Bob told to me. Saturday I shot at about 4...
  4. Range Reports
    Hi everyone I'm Ryan, new member. I took my test for my permit to carry and passed! Just got to apply now. Guess which shot was my first?
  5. Range Reports
    Totally nailed the intruder, but I almost blew her elbow off. Noob question - I am a new shooter/gun owner and I am using my gun for home/self defense. I have heard that I should practice my accuracy at 15-20 feet. Does anyone agree? Disagree? Thanks!
  6. What Glock Should I Get
    I have a 26 for CCW but am now looking for a 9mm range and target handgun. Is the 34 (competition) better than the 17 for this? Thoughts?
  7. Range Reports
    Im not sure if anyone has already had a topic on this but I was looking for ideas for an at home shooting range. Just simple interactive things to shoot at other than paper targets. I have access to a welder and a cutting torch and I would like to just make a couple simple targets as well as a...
  8. Range Reports
    When you find your target say "ONE". When you say "TWO" pull the trigger. Range Drills Now shoot 10 rounds using the ONE TWO method nice and slow. Make sure to say out loud ONE TWO. Now shoot 10 rounds using the ONE TWO method twice as fast. Make sure to say out loud ONE TWO. Now shoot 10...
1-8 of 8 Results