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  1. Glock Forum
    Greetings. I just bought a G41 MOS and a Viper Red Dot. I’m looking for a OWB but Amy only familiar with Alien gear. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Sold/Expired
    Selling Holster Set for G29/29SF/G30/30SF Hello Glock Lovers! If you own a Glock 29/29SF or Glock 30/30SF and looking for a concealment Holster for IWB or OWB or Both and a Magazine Holster? Im going to be selling/auctioning my Concealment Holster SET soon! The following concealment holster...
  3. Sold/Expired
    Barely used. Has a few scuffs on outside and near one of the edges of the right belt loop, but otherwise looks in excellent shape. Never got around to wearing this one like I thought I would. Right handed, OWB. Galco CON286B Concealable Auto 286B Fits up to 1.50" Belts Black Leather Asking...
  4. Holsters and Cases
    So I know this is a pretty common question, but I am looking at getting an OWB holster for competition. I have heard good things about Fobus for glocks; would people with a Fobus recommend it for a 19? Whenever I read reviews online no one ever says what they use it for so that doesn't really help.
1-4 of 4 Results