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  1. Introductions
    Greetings all! This senior, as in retired, purchased his first G19 Gen 5 a few weeks ago. Eager to get some ammunition and take a safe gun handling course. In the mean while, I've purchased a cleaning kit, and some two ETS 24 round mags before these get serialized and taxed. Looking forward to...
  2. Glock Forum
    Hey there folks, brand new to the forums and to the world of Glocks! Recently picked up a G19 Gen5 MOS with RMR on a recommendation from a friend as a new carry pistol. All my life I've carried 1911s and nowadays a STI Staccato P. Fixed the trigger with a new connector kit so it feels more like...
  3. Blog Forum
    Figured you guys can post new products or industry news here.
1-3 of 3 Results