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    Good day y’all. I’m a new shooter out of central Florida. Got my first Glock 17 5th gen front serrations about a week and a half ago, already put about 300-400 rounds down range. Grew up in a family of non-shooters with no guns ever around. What drew me in to this world of guns is the...
  2. Introductions
    New member, happily living in fly-over country. Have enjoyed reading, now approved for participation! I own/shoot (amongst other things) a G20 Gen4 and a G43X. One gets carried for one kind of activity, the other for another kind of activity. You can probably guess which does which.
  3. Introductions
    Hello all I'm Gunner. My first Glock was the G22 Gen 2 but now my favorite has become the 21SF Gen 3
  4. Introductions
    Hello all. I just purchased my first Glock (Gen 3 19) today. It is also my first handgun and the only other gun I've ever owned was a single shot .22 my dad bought me when I was a child. Needless to say I'm pretty excited. I joined the forum because I honestly don't know much about guns and...
1-4 of 4 Results