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  1. Glock Forum
    Good afternoon, morning, night? I wanted to see everyone’s idea on these Citadel slides from Zev tech. I have one right now that’s beating up my frame in an unusual way. I reached out to Zev but it’s the weekend so I’ll have to wait till tomorrow. Wanted to know if anyone with aftermarket slides...
  2. Glock Forum
    I’m looking at getting my first Glock and the Glock 17 gen5 has sparked my interest. I was just wanting to see some different opinions on it before I go try one out this weekend.
  3. Glock Forum
    Hi everyone, first-time poster here. For starters, my EDC is a Glock 42, I carry +1. Set the round in the chamber and close slide, then insert magazine. I do this religiously in the morning. I checked my Glock 42 as I was going to bed one night, and noticed that the trigger looked like it had...
1-3 of 4 Results