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    Hello everyone. I'm new here, I figured you guys would definitely be able to answer a question for me. I own a Glock 17, which I've had for 20 years. I'm in California. The gun was registered in California when bought from a friend. It came with three 17 round magazines. Now that there is a...
  2. Glock Forum
    I want to buy several high capacity mags for my GLOCk 17. I want 17 and 33 rd mags. I've bought some before and they seem to come in various quality. What company makes the best 33 and 17 rd mags within a reasonable price?
  3. Glock Forum
    Hi guys, I picked up my new Glock today from a local gun shop here in Bulgaria. After talking to the guy behind the counter for about 30 minutes he convinced me to spend an extra 100$ on a "G17 SET". Issue is that I've googled myself to death trying to find this model without any luck...
1-3 of 3 Results