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  1. What Glock Should I Get
    I am in the market for my first Glock. I've been carrying a Kimber .45 Stainless Ultra Carry for about 10 years (Picture below). I don't love trying to conceal it and when I was younger I actually used to open carry it. Now with some more life experience, I realize I have no desire to open carry...
  2. Sold/Expired
    Bought new last week in Scottsdale at Bear Arms. Came with AmeriGlo front sight, black rear. Will include three magazines, CompTac Infidel IWB holster and mag pouch, one has Taran Tactical +2 extension, case, paperwork, lock, reloading tool, and DeSantis pocket holster. Must be legal, show AZ...
  3. Glock Forum
    i have a nicely setup Glock 43 i dot pro ameriglo sights Overwatch Precision Trigger Oem Glock - connector Polished internal talon grips vickers extended slide release vickers extended mag release Been eye balling the 19x for awhile now and have a family friend wanting to trade even up and...
  4. Introductions
    I’m a grandmotherly sort, or so they tell me, I still feel 25 but that person staring out of the mirror each morning is a stranger. Ha! Loving much about my Glock 43... except the trigger. So I’m here to scope stuff out. Thanks for having me.
  5. Sold/Expired
    Looking to sell a set of night sights i bought. brand new in box never installed. americglo night sights for G43 and g42. price: $55+paypal fee shipped or send as friends and family (via PayPal) im located in salamanca, ny any questions feel free to contact me dave
  6. Glock Forum
    Hello everybody! While cleaning my Glock 43 I noticed that there were scratches on the trigger bar piece that pushes up on the striker safety plunger. I think the scratches are from when I take the slide off and put it back on. I've added a pic of what I'm talking about. Is anybody elses like that?
  7. Gunsmithing
    Hello everybody I was cleaning my glock 43 today and noticed that the trigger piece that pushes up on the striker safety plunger is scratched on the side. Is this normal to get scratches there? I think it's from when I put the slide back on it it rubs agains a rail on the slide. Here is a pic of...
  8. Glock Forum
    Hello everybody! I'm new to this web site so I'm not sure if I'm asking this in the right area. Anyway I just bought a glock 43 and when I have the slide locked back all the way into place I can tilt the gun up and down and notice that the striker pin comes out a little and when I tilt it back...
  9. Glock Photos
    After a visit to the range yesterday and shooting a G43 I decided to pick one up today. While picking it up I had Trijicon HD Night Sights installed. I'm thinking the G43 will be a great pocket carry option for me. PS I'm not sure why the sight image is not displaying correctly.
  10. Sold/Expired
    This auction is now today 06/20/2014 posted on ebay wonder what this is all about ebayer ID (totalcrap (1171 ) 100% feedback. Selling a used Ghost Edge Connector. Fired 250 trouble free rounds using Gold Dot ammo. Installed the Ghost Edge and in 15 rounds and it rendered my new Glock 43...
1-10 of 10 Results