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  1. Glock Accessories & Gear
    i have a Glock 42 and love it as a carry concealed. I'm very interested in going to a red dot. i really like what Ive heard and read about the Holosun HS507c x2 but not sure what mounting plate will fit good.. looking for not to exspensive one but good one. there also seems to be diferant...
  2. Glock Forum
    have had this gun for over 5 years and never have had a problem with it. just went out and fired 100 rolunds of pratice ammo and cleaned it after i got home like always. after cleaning i loaded the mags, put it in the gun and tried to chamber 1 round. it jams, the round looks like it didnt get...
  3. Glock Forum
    Hi All, In need of some help here from the experts. New Glock 42, stock with the exception of an extended mag release. Trying to put the slide back on is not going well. The barrel and guide rod are forward of the slide about a 1/4" and the slide is forward on the frame. The guide rod is...
  4. Glock Forum
    Hi everyone, first-time poster here. For starters, my EDC is a Glock 42, I carry +1. Set the round in the chamber and close slide, then insert magazine. I do this religiously in the morning. I checked my Glock 42 as I was going to bed one night, and noticed that the trigger looked like it had...
  5. Sold/Expired
    Looking to sell a set of night sights i bought. brand new in box never installed. americglo night sights for G43 and g42. price: $55+paypal fee shipped or send as friends and family (via PayPal) im located in salamanca, ny any questions feel free to contact me dave
  6. Glock Accessories & Gear
    Has anyone Used a tungsten guide rod, I'm thinking about getting one for my glock 42 but I've read mixed reviews on how they're bad for your glock because it has no flex and can crack the lower but I have also read that it was amazing so I was wondering if anyone here uses them and if these...
  7. Self Defense
    Not sure if there is already a thread but what do you guys that carry the g42, what ammo do you carry. Right now I'm carrying Speer JHP
  8. Glock Forum
    I just shot my brand new Glock 42 today. I happened to be at a friends house and only had the seven rounds that were in the gun. Which were .380 Estate ammo which has federal stamped on the back of the cartridge. Its what I picked up at the gun shop when I bought the gun a couple days ago. All...
  9. Sold/Expired
    SOLD! Make: Glock Model: 42 Caliber: .380 Location: FFL between Oakland and Sunnyvale Trades: A new or very nearly-new Gen 4 Glock Price: $700 with 250 rounds of ammo $700? What the F--k??? Yeah, seriously, that's the going rate in California; $625 and $75 for the ammo. To import it into...
  10. Glock Accessories & Gear
    Has anyone come out with accessories for the glock 42 yet? Just purchased the Glock 42. I would like the mag grip/extension, slide lock release, slide release Your thoughts.
1-10 of 11 Results