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  1. Glock Forum
    All, im looking for a 22lr conversion for my new Glock 45. It uses the G19 slide and the G17 frame. Can anyone provide a link to a company that sells this kit? I've found one from stag arms but was for the G17 OR G19. If your wondering why, I want to train with the gun I carry and form good...
  2. General Firearm Forum
    Hi friends, last week I went to the shooting range and got to try four guns, actually three guns with ammos (CZ Shadow, CZ Shadow 2, Beretta 92FS) and a STI (dry fire). I've always shot with Glocks (two previous 17 and now a G45 9mm) so this was my first time with different guns: I liked the 92...
1-2 of 2 Results