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  1. Holsters and Cases
    What would be the best holster for my G19 gen 4 9mm?
  2. Holsters and Cases
    Hi I am new to the forum, so I'm sorry if I am posting in the wrong area. I have a Fobus paddle holster that I love but I recently (pulled the trigger) on upgrading my sights on my G19 Gen4. I went with the Trijicon HD night sights. Definitely recommend if you are in the market for sights, they...
  3. Holsters and Cases
    Hey all, I'm looking for some advice on holster choice for my 19 to best be my CCW. I'm 5'9" 185. Not a big guy by any means but not skinny. I don't wear my clothes incredibly tight but not baggy either. I live in Minnesota so with the seasons changing it is going to get much easier to carry a...
  4. Glock Forum
    ... and I'm in love! :D I bought a brand new model 19 gen 4 a week ago. Got my WI concealed carry permit . I knew my Desert Eagle Mark VII .44 mag would not make a very good CCW so I was looking for a new weapon to add to my gun safe. The instructor of our Home Defense course said that a...
1-4 of 4 Results