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  1. Glock Photos
    Carver Customs open class Glock 17 race gun. Bob Carver is one of the top glock race gun makers in the world what he does with the triggers is nothing short of a miracle. Paid $2168 selling for $1600. Located in Columbus Ohio call or text 6148866608 thanks.
  2. Gunsmithing
    Hey, I was wondering if it is cheaper to fully build a Glock from scratch and just buy everything or is it cheaper overall to just buy a used Glock and change it to how I want. For the used one I want to change the trigger, add a magwell, get a different slide, and get a new barrel. Would...
  3. Glock Accessories & Gear
    Hi all, I was at my local gun shop to purchase a 3.5 ghost trigger connector for my G23 gen 4. The guy told me that they needed to be machined to fit properly, otherwise it would scrape during trigger pull. Does this sound right? Does anybody have one installed in a Gen 4 that can chime in...
  4. Holsters and Cases
    I would like to find out what some of you have done to make your own custom pistol cases out of items that were originally for something else... The idea here is to re-use something, recycling it to make it cool and useful again. I took old Shure wireless microphone cases - hard shell...
  5. Glock Photos
    I have seen the pictures of the Statue of Liberty Glock, and the one that has gold inlays everywhere... I guess they serve their place by showing what is possible when something is taken to the extreme...but obviously not for any other purpose than a showpiece item... Does anyone out there have...
1-5 of 6 Results