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    Phoenix Homeowners find Hidden Stash of Guns Buried Photo: Phoenix Police Department Facebook During what was probably a weekend landscaping chore, some Phoenix homeowners got more than they bargained for when they started digging a hole for a tree. To their surprise, they dug up a duffle bag...
  2. General Firearm Forum
    From THE LEBMAN 1911 MACHINE PISTOL 09/26/2012 12:00 PM | by Chris Eger The Colt 1911 had seen many modifications over the past 100+ years, but one of the most interesting was by a quiet Texas gunsmith by the name of Hyman Lebman. His customers included the infamous gangsters John...
  3. General Firearm Forum
    Pastor killed, two others injured in Texas church shooting The shooting occurred Sunday morning at Starrville Methodist Church, about 100 miles east of Dallas. Jan. 3, 2021, 12:48 PM CST By Doha Madani and Ben Kesslen NBC A pastor was killed and two others were injured in a shooting at a...
1-3 of 4 Results