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  1. Glock Accessories & Gear
    I was shopping around and saw a barrell that could be dropped into a G23 to make it fire 9mm. I guess all I would need is a Glock 19 mag to get it to work or does something else need to be done?
  2. General Firearm Forum
    A month or few back I purchased a RIA TAC Ultra FS HC 40SW. Based on my natural curiosity I was wondering if I would be able to swap out the barrel and recoil spring and have a 10mm? After much interwebs hunting, I found that I can do this swap all I would need is the barrel and a #20 recoil...
  3. Sold/Expired
    For ale this Glock G22 Lone Wolf conversion barrel .40 to 9mm Threaded 1/2 x 28. Tread protector is included. Mint, maybe 50 rounds down the pipe. Price: $SOLD OBO. Email: [email protected]
  4. Sold/Expired
    In Search of a decent .357SIG conversion barrrel for G23... Let me know whatcha got!
  5. Glock Forum
    I have seen folks mention factory options for converting small calibers (model 33 .357 barrel swapped out for the stock model 27 .40 barrel)... Just wondering what sort of conversions do folks know about for the big guns (10mm and .45)? For example, can the barrel of a model 20 (10mm) be...
  6. Sold/Expired
    WTB Guncrafter Industries .50 caliber Glock conversion (black melonite finish)
1-6 of 6 Results