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conversion kit

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    I'm only recently getting into the world of Glock. A friend of mine mentioned conversion barrels (lone wolf), for the G20. What about mags? I see there are barrels for .357 sig, 9mm, 9x25 and .40 but I don't see any mention of specific mags for the conversions. Same question applies to the g29...
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    I'm looking for a cheap way to practice shooting and thought about getting a 22 conversion kit for my Glock 17. Has anyone ever used a conversion kit from Advantage Arms. Here is a link at Secuirity AllStar to what I'm looking at...
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    I am looking into changing the barrel on my G22 Gen 3 from a 40 to 9mm from Lone Wolf. What mags can I use in the pistol for 9mm rounds..