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  1. Sold/Expired
    Selling Holster Set for G29/29SF/G30/30SF Hello Glock Lovers! If you own a Glock 29/29SF or Glock 30/30SF and looking for a concealment Holster for IWB or OWB or Both and a Magazine Holster? Im going to be selling/auctioning my Concealment Holster SET soon! The following concealment holster...
  2. Conceal & Open Carry
    Austin - Administrator approved this message I have just completed a webpage entitled "17 Highly Practical Tips Women Can Use to Begin Successful Concealed Carry". I think you’d really be interested in it. You can visit the page at this link.
  3. Conceal & Open Carry
    I stumbled upon this nice article about printing and wanted to share here:
  4. North West USA
    Someone told me that in Washington State, it's illegal to concealed carry in the "no minors" section of a bar. I've searched and found conflicting info on this. Does anyone know what the scoop is on this? Living on the WA / OR border is a pain. Two states to keep track of. :eek: Thanks,
  5. North West USA
    I've read some contradictory opinions whether concealed carry is legal in Portland even with a concealed handgun license. In I found the following: The ordinance sets out 14 exceptions to the prohibition, including an exception for...
  6. South West USA
    AZ is constitutional carry, what are the advantages of getting my permit? For those in AZ do you have a permit or not and why?
  7. Holsters and Cases
    As soon as taxes come in ill be getting a fourth gen Glock 23, Im looking through holsters primarily for concealed carry.. Im a bigger guy who wears primarily t-shirts year round and work shorts in the summer so my carry options are limited and change with the seasons... Im looking for something...
  8. North Central USA
    There are some changes pending in the Colorado HOR and Senate starting tomorrow, and some of it is NOT GOOD! New Bill up for consideration in Colorado - HB 13-1224 - Outlawing 11+ round mags: New Bill up for consideration in Colorado - HB 13-1043: - Statuatory...
1-8 of 8 Results