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  1. Glock Forum
    I've got 8 Glocks and have many 1000's of rounds through them with no troubles at all. I just got a 34 MOS Gen 5 and jam often. I've shot about 60-70 rounds of cheap 9mm with over 15 jams. This is my first factory so called competition gun should i expect it needs break in or higher ammo...
  2. Glock Photos
    Carver Customs open class Glock 17 race gun. Bob Carver is one of the top glock race gun makers in the world what he does with the triggers is nothing short of a miracle. Paid $2168 selling for $1600. Located in Columbus Ohio call or text 6148866608 thanks.
  3. Glock Forum
    Members should enjoy this. Check out this guy shredding with a tuned Glock 35!
  4. General Firearm Forum
    So I am looking to get a rifle that I can use for long range competitions, but I'm not sure what caliber I should get. I know there are a lot of choices out there, so this may be difficult. Two things to keep in mind are 1) a round that can go 500+ yards and 2) something that is common. These...
  5. What Glock Should I Get
    I'm about to order a G34 Gen4, but, i see allot of competition shooters use the Gen 3 and not Gen 4, how come? Are there more after market accessories and springs and such? Is it all about the grip modification people do to the Gen3? Trigger difference? Why im asking is, if i wanted to get into...
  6. What Glock Should I Get
    I have a 26 for CCW but am now looking for a 9mm range and target handgun. Is the 34 (competition) better than the 17 for this? Thoughts?
1-6 of 6 Results