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  1. Glock Forum
    Hello everyone, I recently 'pulled the trigger' on my first Glock - I chose the 30S. I also joined my first forum, so thanks for having me. I have looked through the forums for quite some time and I am having trouble finding information on parts compatibility for the G30S. Any answers or...
  2. Glock Accessories & Gear
    Hey all. I’m looking to pick up a pair of new sights for my G19. This is my carry gun and as well as the primary gun I practice with at the range. I will be starting some competitive shooting soon and it will probably be the gun I use in that as well until I purchase a G17 or G34. Which sights...
  3. Conceal & Open Carry
    I am a senior at Ohio University (not Ohio State, people always ask) and we are doing an OPEN holster protest today on campus in support of carry on campus. I would assume that most of us agree that being able to carry on a school campus is something we all want. So we are not only walking...
  4. Conceal & Open Carry
    So I dont have my CCW yet, but I will hopefully be taking the class soon. I was just wondering if most people have multiple different guns they carry or if they just carry the same one everyday? And if you do carry multiple guns, what makes you pick one over the other from day to day? Also, by...
  5. Conceal & Open Carry
    So I am pretty new to gun ownership and have a lot to learn. So I was wondering what states have open carry? Is there a website somewhere that has a list or maybe we could just put our own list together. I think this could be helpful for pretty much everyone.
  6. Conceal & Open Carry
    Someone I know has recently gotten their CCL. They do not plan to carry on their person, but do want to have a little something in the car. And that's what this person bought: A LITTLE something. This individual bought a little .22 pocket pistol. It's a nice little gun, but it's a .22...
1-6 of 6 Results