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  1. General Firearm Forum
    From THE LEBMAN 1911 MACHINE PISTOL 09/26/2012 12:00 PM | by Chris Eger The Colt 1911 had seen many modifications over the past 100+ years, but one of the most interesting was by a quiet Texas gunsmith by the name of Hyman Lebman. His customers included the infamous gangsters John...
  2. General Firearm Forum
    Thinking of adding a new caliber to the collection and I'd like to know your opinions on these two platforms. The first contestant, the Glock 21. Obvious reasons, it's a Glock. I know the platform, it's just a different caliber and size. No surprises... 1911 (from any accredited...
  3. General Firearm Forum
    A month or few back I purchased a RIA TAC Ultra FS HC 40SW. Based on my natural curiosity I was wondering if I would be able to swap out the barrel and recoil spring and have a 10mm? After much interwebs hunting, I found that I can do this swap all I would need is the barrel and a #20 recoil...
  4. General Firearm Forum
    Found my new dream gun!! Now....if I can just convince Glock to do the same. Wouldn't take much, just need to mirror the cad drawings in the CNC machine and have a new mold casting made for the lowers. Anyway, this was love at first sight, and made right here in PA. Check them out...
1-4 of 4 Results