Why I carry, and why the Glock 19 works for me

  1. radelahunt
    I am a military member. My job is fixing airplanes. So owning a gun is a new thing for me.

    I decided to buy a gun when I began living off-base for the first time. I had always wanted to own a gun, but the regulations about firearms on-base made me reluctant until now. I talked to a friend who directed me to a specific pawn and gun shop.

    I knew I wanted something in 9mm, as that's our service caliber right now, and it's plentiful and cheap. I tried out the grip on several, and was told about the Glock military discount. I then did a little research on Glock and tried out the Glock 19.

    Every time I tried it, I was in love with it, so I ended up buying a brand new Glock 19 at the military discount of around $408.

    I steadily did research (something I enjoy immensely) and looked into concealed carry. I was on the fence about whether to get my license or not until I was woke up in the middle of the night to a gunshot that must've been 2 blocks away from our house. That's what caused me to want to get my Concealed Weapon License.

    What caused choices guided you in your selection and choice to carry or not? Let us know in the comments below.

    Author bio: I'm a bit new, but I've read tons and tons about firearms and calibers. So I'm an educated newbie. More to come soon! (Robert Delahunt)

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