Where the hell is our Glock 22LR?

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    I have to say it. I'm sure many of you have been thinking it yourselves. Where is the Glock .22LR so we can get away from picky and pricey conversion kits? I know it's not hard to do. After all, Smith & Wesson nailed it with their M&P series, the M&P22. Almost a toe-to-toe twin of their very notable M&P9 standard.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my Glock. But, how nice would it be to run your drills and all your steel shooting with your carry gun, just in .22LR?

    I'm sure many of you will suggest the conversion kits. Which one is best, which one to stay away from, etc. However, the point being, regardless what kit you want to boast about, the things are picky. Like a spoiled little child that refuses to even look at the bag cereal while in the grocery store. "I don't want fake Coco Pebbles, I want the real ones!"

    Don't get me wrong here, I know the difference myself when it comes to certain things in life. You can't fake Apple Jacks. You can't fake a Guinness Stout. And you can't get a generic soda by me and tell me it's a Coke. And that's cool. That's what makes the good stuff good.

    But, when it comes to 22LR ammo, the last thing I want is a spoiled pistol. I've shot plenty of 22 pistols in my day. And aside from the classic Ruger's, they have all been just way too picky about bulk ammo. Nearly every modern 22lr pistol seems just a little too spoiled for its own good.

    Give me a Glock that shoots stuff like this (without a aftermarket conversion kit and a bit of luck) and I'm a happy man.

    Walther's P22, the Sig's (LOL), most all of the 1911 22's, and yes, even the Ruger SR22. But, after a throw down run with the M&P22-- the mold has been broken. This by far the best shooting .22LR pistol I have come across. Pumping round after round of bulk trash ammo like nothing. I was set back to say the least. If you have not tried giving this little monster a go. I highly suggest you do so. You will not be disappointed at all.

    And the fact that it is almost an exact mirror version of its 9mm big brother is a great bonus. I hate to say it fella's, but I just might start using the M&P9 as an everyday carry. And that in itself is a bold statement coming from me. It breaks my heart to even fathom the thought.

    (The M&P22 side by side to the M&P9. Photo by K.S. Henry)

    So here it is, online and printed for the world to see! Where is our .22LR? The hardcore Glock lovers of the world don't want to be left behind. There was a time when Glock stood at the for front of it all. Breaking and shattering mold after mold of what a handgun was thought to be.

    What have we gotten as of late? A single stack version of an already well to do subcompact? That isn't much smaller I might add. All you did was choose to lose a couple rounds. A 380? When a G26 or G19 has more power and still shoots better than a long forgotten round. (MHO... 380 is useless)

    I would love to see Glock come out with a 22lr that goes back to what made them who they are today. A mirror version of the G17 and G19. I'd love to laugh in the face of the M&P guys, and say, "Second place is ok."

    I'd love to get my kids into shooting more. Shooting Glock that is. But, they are still somewhat young to be slinging a 17 or a 21. Nevertheless, they love to shoot 22lr. Sad to say it's a Smith & Wesson, and not a Glock.

    --My name is Kinzie Shane Henry. I live in South Mississippi where I am a very avid outdoorsman. I hunt, backpack, camp, canoe and everything in-between. Moreover, I'm a Glock guy that doesn't want to be converted to Smith & Wesson.

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