Vickers Tactical drops limited run of Gen 3 RTF2 Glocks

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    Partnered with Lipsey's, Larry Vickers has talked Glock into another limited run of RTF2 two-tone grey Glock 17 and 19 pistols that bring back a rare and now much-sought after crowd-pleaser.


    What is RTF2?

    In 2009, Glock came out with an updated version of their gun that featured better ergonomics named the "Rough Texture Finish, Version 2," or commonly just called RTF2.

    Besides the texture, along the slide, a set of scalloped cutouts replaced the strait up and down slide serrations that had been a facet of the Glock since its introduction in the 1980s. These cutouts were shaped like thumbnails and were instantly but dubbed 'fish gills' by those who encountered them.

    Besides the slide, the entire lower frame grip surface area was stippled in fine lines. These lines worked like non-skid and gave the gun an almost instant tackiness when picked up, eliminating complaints from those who contended the Glock sometimes got slippery when wet.

    While some complained that the new grip was too abrasive to their sensitive hands, many shooters took immediately to the RTF2. The Gen 3 pistols were the pinnacle of the designs to that point, incorporating lessons learned from twenty years of making the polymer guns. That, coupled with the radical new grip offered by the RTF2 seemed a winning combination and the texture was soon seen on the 17, 19, 21SF, 22, 23, 31 and 32.

    Nevertheless, that wasn't the case as the RTF3 and finally much more subtle RTF4 series of less aggressive truncated pyramids became standard on the Gen 4 Glocks when they were introduced.

    Then there was trouble in paradise.

    In late 2010, Glock stated though channels they would only sell RTF 2 Gen 3s (though without the gills) through law enforcement channels in the future as they weren't selling well to the non-law enforcement market, but were still viable in the cop market.

    Last November Larry Vickers and Lipseys announced that they would release a limited run of 5000 new RTF2 Gen 3s in FDE (is that enough abbreviations for you, or do you want more?) split between G17 and G19 models which shows at least that these guns were still in some form of production even after being "replaced" five years ago.

    Now they are back and better than ever

    New run

    Announced Dec. 15 by Lipsey's and dropped on Larry V's social media account, cause Larry is that kinda guy, these guns are a direct answer to how popular last year's 5K run was. Moreover, these G17/19s have lots of goodies.


    "One thing we wanted to do this edition was take the feedback of customers and incorporate those ideas into this limited edition," Vickers said. "The green fiber optic front sight and the grip plus with integral takedown tool are perfect examples of that. Combined with the grey color, these will set a new standard for unique configuration Glock pistols."

    Green fiber fronts compliment....

    ...Vickers Tactical rears

    The plug contains a takedown tool for emergency in the field fixes.

    While Lipsey's hasn't dropped just how many guns are in this new batch, at least it shows RTF2-- and the Gen 3 Glock for that matter-- remain popular with shooters and collectors.


    The guns are shipping now.


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