Update on the new Glock Model 40: Looks like longslide 10mm

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    Last weekend we brought news of the rumored new addition to the Glock line of safe action polymer framed handguns that included two possibilities: one, of a fabled single stack 9mm that had circulated among the online rumor mills, and a second of a long-slide 10mm hunter model. Well, it seems that the scales have tilted this week towards the latter being more correct.

    The New Model 40

    On Christmas Eve, the fine folks over at Triangle Tactical posted rumint from Weddles Gun Shop in Campbellsville, Kentucky of a possible new optics ready long-slide Gen 4 pistol from Glock, chambered in 10mm. In other words, a beefier version of the G20 (which is puny already, right?) with a target-length barrel.

    Well on Jan.2, just over a week after that leak, Kiesler Police Supply, Glock's official LE distributor for agencies and officers in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Minnesota, let the cat out of the bag in a big way by announcing on their Facebook page that the new "Hunter" model 40 would soon be available.

    No specs just yet, but it looks like a G35 on steroids


    Other models

    Apparently, Kiesler confirmed Weddles's earlier leak that Glock also intends to release a "MOS" version of the G34, G35 and G41 without explaining just what an MOS is (11-Bravo?). This new configuration may have something to do with the fact that the images of all three show them mounted with optics on the rear of the slide just in front of the traditional iron sight along what appears to be a rail--, which may point to the gun being milled from the factory for optical sights.


    On their product page for the new MOS G35, Keiser states that the gun will accept red dot sight systems like the Trijicon RMR (but will not be included)

    Hey, we'll let you know more when we do...


    Why no single-stack 9mm?

    Glock has long debuted new guns at the annual SHOT Show put on by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. With the show set to open in Las Vegas in just three weeks, there is sure to be any number of disgruntled visitors to their booth asking, "Why no single stack 9mm?"

    After all, last year the collective masses decried the G42 when it came out in .380ACP instead of the only slightly more capable 9x19mm. Yet, many of us (hands raised) went out and picked up a G42 anyway then went searching for rounds to feed it (easier said than done.)

    While Glock has not stated why no single stack 9 yet (heck the G40 is still not officially confirmed), it's likely that the company is taking the time to do it right. As you may recall, the G42 is an all-new design for the company and is the first handgun built entirely in the U.S. (to get around the GCA of 1968, which bans small semi-autos without a sporting purpose). The gun even seemed to go through at least one semi-generational evolution just months after it launched after a few hiccups surfaced which could point to Glock wanting to take its time on a new 9mm based on the same platform that, like the G42, would also have to be built entirely in the U.S.

    Only time will tell.

    See you at SHOT!

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