The Timberwolf Lower

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    When Gaston Glock imparted to the world his beautiful polymer creation, it wasn't without a little room for improvement. Hence the four different generations of G-series pistols in the past quarter century. Now one of the best-known names in the Glock accessory game, Lone Wolf Distributors, has come up with something really different. They are now selling their own lower receivers that take Glock parts and slides.

    The Timberwolf

    For those who would build their own Glock, custom slides, barrels, mags, mag well attachments and other items have been out there for decades. However, these were all just bolt-on items that fit to whatever legacy Glock polymer frame you already had. Lone Wolf took that as a challenge and now produces their own proprietary lower, the Timeberwolf. This enables the garage builder to start literally from scratch and build their own Glock from the ground up-- with their choice of custom interchangeable internals. Lone Wolf came out with this concept a couple years ago and it is now shipping. Currently the Wolf Pack series ships in most models. They include full-sized frames for the 17/17L/22/24/31/35/37 and in compact frames for the 19/23/32/38.

    Advantages of the 'Wolf

    (photo by LWD)

    The new Timberwolf lower receiver/frame comes with a number of upgrades to even the latest generation of Glocks. These include an extended beavertail grip that helps those with big hands or extra mitt-meat to avoid those very painful slide bites that are sometimes handed out. A higher grip angle allows a better ergonomics to the gun, placing it on par with the old-school Luger. Improved checkering and a quick-change grip panel (Glock are you listening!) make the wolf frame more customizable. A round trigger guard eliminates the propensity for inexperienced shooters to improperly grip the front of the guard with the off hand. The magazine released is rounded and larger for better tactile feel than the standard Glock release and a line of tactical and competition magwells are optional to the frame.

    (photo by LWD)

    Lone Wolf bills their TimberWolf frame as "smallest sculpted grip in the industry," being even thinner than the double stack M1911 Colt.

    Points to ponder

    Since the existing lower frame of any Glock G-series pistol is the serial numbered and controlled item, likewise the Timberwolf frame is the same. This means that it must be shipped to an FFL holder as it technically is a firearm even if the slide, barrel, and internal parts aren't installed.

    It's based on Glock Gen 3 parts and technology which, while is still in production, may be phased out in the near future by the Gen 4s and later, giving you a legacy piece.


    The price point of the lower, $179 for a stripped basic frame to $335 for a loaded one (with Wolf Springs etc.) isn't cheap. However, your own ground-up build for a custom Lone Wolf "Glock" isn't all that much more expensive than a plain-Jane assembly line Smyrna piece.

    Still, for those who want to take it to the next level, there is always the wolf.

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