The Glock Sport Shooting Foundation

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    Have you ever seen the initials GSSF and wondered what it was all about? Ever run into one of those flyers at the gun range that talked about an upcoming Glock shoot but never got around to calling about it? Seen people talk about GSSF discounts on guns in the forums but didn't find out the rest of the story? Well here is your chance.

    What is the GSSF?


    The Glock Sport Shooting Foundation was founded in 1991 to promote the responsible use of Glock firearms and encouraging participation in the shooting sports. There are several benefits of joining which include match shooting, being eligible to attend Glock factory armorer schools, and, after 12 consecutive months of membership, you are eligible to purchase a Glock pistol at discounted pricing (similar to the Blue Label Glock program) once per calendar year. To join, simply sign up at the GSSF's website, pay your membership fee (starts at $30 for individuals) and hit submit.

    Match shooting


    The lifeblood of the GSSF is their hundreds of matches (250 in 2012) held nationwide where members and non-members alike can come and compete against other Glock owners in fair competition. Not only does this help your shooting and your mastery of your gun, but also it helps introduce you to likeminded members of the community that you may not have met before. At each match, Glock sends down prizes to give out to the winners that can include new pistols, hats, t-shirts, bags, and best of all: cash.

    Don't worry about having to shoot outside of your league, as there are divisions for amateur, master, and guardian level shooters. These events are held across the country in almost every state. Find a match, sign up, and show up with your unloaded Glock, 100-rounds of reliable factory ammunition, and a pen for a good day of shooting and camaraderie. The 2013 calendar for matches is up now and is constantly being updated with new matches . If you don't see one locally, become active in the GSSF and sponsor one at your favorite range. The GSSF is always looking for new match locations.

    Types of Matches


    There are several types of GSSF matches including Major Sub plate matches, Five-to-Glock matches, and the M. For many shooters one of the most looked forward to of GSSF matches are the plate courses. Six 8-inch round steel plates are set up at 11-yards (33-feet) and the competitor must bowl the line down in any order with a maximum of seven shots. Five-to-Glock events have three strings of fire with ten rounds fired, two into five different targets set up at the 5, 10, 15, and 20-yard mark from competitor with the best three hits on each target scored. The Cadillac of the GSSF matches is the M course. In this event competitors engage four different standing targets and a steel pepper popper in any order with two rounds each in three strings of fire for 27 scored rounds. Master these three GSSF courses and you are well on your way to proficiency with your Glock.

    There is also an indoor league inside the GSSF for those who shoot in covered ranges.

    So there you have it, if you own a Glock, there is a group of 100,000 other like-minded people that would like to get to know you.

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