The Glock 30S

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    At the SHOT show this month, Glock USA created a rather large splash when they introduced their new Model 30S. The Glock 30S is an incredibly thin-framed subcompact pistol that is sure to appeal to many in the CCW, self-defense, and law enforcement community.

    Lineage of the model 30

    Back in 1994 when the first Assault Weapons Ban came about, Glock designed a series of smaller subcompact pistols to give the public a 'plan b' to help cope with the 10-shot magazines of the time. Designed around standard mags that carried ten rounds or less in as small a profile pistol as possible, the Baby Glock was born. One of these, the Model 30, became a popular .45ACP chambering. At 34-ounces loaded with a nine round magazine, the 7-inch long pistol held a 3.77-inch barrel.

    In 2013 at the Shot Show, Glock introduced the 30S variant of this classic pistol.



    The Glock 30S is a slim line Model 36 slide (3-3/4" barrel) on top of a 30SF frame. This little tactic has long been around on custom build Glocks, but now it is a factory option.
    This gives the gun a full 10 rounds of .45 ACP in a profile that is only 6.89-inches long, 1.28-inches wide, and 4.8-inches high. Unloaded weighs spec out at just 20-ounces unloaded and 30 nicely loaded. The trigger travel is still a sharp .049-inches breaking at 5-pounds.


    While it doesn't sound like a lot over the standard Model 30 of yesterday, the comparison between the two are night and day. With a slimmer overall profile and a quarter pound taken off the loaded weight of the pistol, the 30S is controllable as well as concealable. A nice long 5.91-inch sight radius gives surprising accuracy in a pocket rocket.

    You can be sure that the 30S will be turning heads, especially if a revamped ban is on the way.
    Good Old Gaston has done it again.

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