The CAA Roni Carbine Conversion

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    So you have a Glock pistol and want a carbine that takes the same caliber of round that your pistol shoots to remain as efficient as possible. Better yet, you would like it if it took the same magazines as your pistol. Well, CAA has a concept that turns your G-gun, into a carbine or SBR. It's called the RONI.

    Why a kit?


    The RONI carbine conversion by Command Arms Accessories for the Glock pistol, to put it country simple, changes your handgun into a shoulder-fired weapon. It gives a much longer sight radius, which contributes to better aim point and long-range accuracy. It provides a 360-degree platform for accessories including better sights, optics, fore grips, slings, flashlights, and lasers. It insulates and protects the pistol in the field from damage. In short, it turns your 25-yard capable Glock pistol into a 100-yard capable pistol caliber carbine, with room to add more goodies.

    What is it?

    The 3.46-pound kit is a drop-in aluminum and polymer shell that fits around the Glock. Along the top of the shell are a 24cm long flattop rail and three other Picatinny rails along the peripherals to allow sights, magnifiers, etc. It has a detachable/folding forearm grip, an extending rear grip, and a spare magazine holder. The company has been making these for some time for not only the Austrian polymers, but also SIG, Bersa, Beretta, HK, and XD guns and they are popular.

    SBR Problems


    The standard $399 RONI G1 kit that has been on the market uses the Glock's own barrel, which gives a firearm total length of 18.65-inches. CAA makes these to fit the G17, G18, G19, G22, G23, G31, G32, G34, G35, G20, G21, and others. Now since this is a shoulder-fired rifle with a barrel under 16-inches long, which is restricted under the National Firearms Control Act of 1934, it has to be registered with the BATFE as a 'Short Barreled Rifle' or SBR. This is done on a Form 1 (if you do the work yourself) for $200. Be sure you get your paperwork approved before you convert it. In addition, you have to engrave the piece to make it legal.


    For those of you that don't mind a little extra-length to your barrel, you can get the new G2 kit with a kit that has a 16-inch long threaded barrel with an integral glass breaking muzzle and shroud. The good news is you get out of the whole tax stamp drama. The bad news is that they only have it for the G17 right now and it is a $100 more ($499 MSRP) since you get a nice new barrel out of the deal.

    It's not for everyone, but hey, it's out there.

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