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    4 Steps to Saving More Money on Guns and Accessories

    Being a gun enthusiast is more than a hobby, it's a way of life. Typically after we purchase our first firearm, we begin to see there are a lot more cost associated with going shooting than we realize. But what if I told there was a way to shoot for free and make the firearms almost pay for themselves?

    When I was preparing to purchase my first firearm I knew I wanted to purchase a Glock 19, which was $549 at my local gun store. I had all the cost planned out; Glock 19 $549, IWB Holster $65, Gun Belt $55.00, 200 rounds of target ammo$55, 50 rounds of carry ammo $50. I was looking at a total of $780 including local sales tax.

    But I had another problem, my wife wanted a gun as well, and suddenly $780 turned into $1,600. Not to mention $240 for CCW permits for both my wife and I. Oh yeah, and range time, targets etc. Now we're hovering around $2,000 just to get started. Then you need accessories lots and lots of accessories. Weapon lights, talon grips, the list goes on.

    Sound Familiar?

    Personal Protection? Check! Financial Stability? Uncheck!

    3 months after purchasing the guns, I realized that although I had solved one problem i.e. "Personal Protection", I also created another problem, "Financial Instability".
    If you have studied the history of economics, you would probably agree that as a people we are more likely to become victims of job loss, stock market crashes, and housing bubble burst than we are to become victims in a sense of using our firearms.
    After realizing that my wife and I hadn't added to our savings account for the 3 months after the gun purchase. I made it my mission to create a win-win between our guns and bank accounts

    4 Step Plan

    Step 1: Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

    I went through our bank statements for the previous 12 months and identified every unnecessary expense and exported them into a spreadsheet for further analysis.
    Upon examination I found over $1200 in expenses that could be completely eliminated. Yeah, $1200!
    Sounds insane right?

    Expenses Eliminated
    1.$750.00 per month: Restaurants, drive-thru dollar menu, coffee, Red Bulls. Equates to $20 per day, per person
    2.$100.00 cable TV: Never Watched It Much.
    3.Internet Reduced from $65.00 to $36.00 by threatening to switch providers.
    4.Credit Card Payments: 2 people $350. Bit the bullet and paid them off. Worth it in the long run!

    1.Ate at home, took lunch to work, and made coffee at home. Expense gone!
    3.We made 2 competing ISP's compete for our business.
    4.We had $3300 in credit card debt at $350 per month. If we continued payments, total paid would have been around $9,000. So we made the decision to pay it off. Fortunately we had the money.

    Step 2: Create a new budget


    After we were able to lower our expenses by $1200 per month, I decided to create a spreadsheet that would automate how much we would save every month.
    You can download the spreadsheet at along with a video tutorial on how to use the spreadsheet.

    Step 3: Automate the Bank Accounts


    Because my wife and I are good at spending money, we needed some safe guards in place to prevent us from spending too much.

    Watch the Video at

    Step 4: Turn My Gun Hobby Into Extra Cash.

    For my day job I work as a bartender, which is a lot of fun. One of the main perks is that I always "know a guy".

    Need my car fixed? "I know a guy", Leakey roof? "I know a guy", you get the point.
    Fortunately one of my customers owns a gun shop. Being the kind man that he is, he will often sell me things at cost or slightly above, also he will allow me to test and shoot some of his used inventory.

    This is great and all but how can I make money from it? Simple Answer: "Blogging"...

    I'm not going to go into too much detail on here because it goes far beyond the scope of this message, but I made an entire video about how I make money blogging at


    This journey of saving & re prioritizing money has been fun, rewarding, and interesting. Now that I have been automating our finances, supplementing gun cost with the blog, I can now actually make a supplemental income while enjoying my favorite past time. If you would have told me 3 years ago that all this would have been possible, I would have laughed out loud.

    Nothing I have said here today is anything new or exciting, but I find it interesting how difficult it is for us to save money. Furthermore I find it fascinating that some of us create a new problem aka "financial hardship" while trying to solve another problem "personal protection". The key here is balance. Some of us have balance, and some of us don't.

    Life is all about priorities, and all of us are going to have different priorities. The main take away that I want you to get from this post is, "You can have and do anything you want, if you're resourceful enough".

    So if you're having a difficult time financing your gun hobby, feel free to download my spreadsheet linked above and do your best to apply it. I hope that this post has been as much an inspiration to you as it has been to me.

    Good Luck to You,

    Jonathan Wright

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