Rumors about the New Glock 42

  1. christophereger
    Is the Santa\'s Workshop that is Gaston Glock\'s Austrian braintrust coming up with something new for all the good little boys and girls in 2014? Word on the street is that the company is planning a new series of subcompact single-stack pistols to give the competition heartburn.


    This gun is said to be called the Glock Model 42 and all that is definitely known is that posters showing a brass zippo lighter are circulating far and wide. Behind the zippo is the outline of a small pistol that is the same general dimensions as the tiny Glock 26 9mm-- but with a tad longer grip. Speculation is that this could be a single-stack gun, which would be much slimmer than the already well-loved Mode 26, better known as the Baby Glock.

    (This version of the original shows the G26 superimposed over the image of what is supposed to be the G42, note the extended grip)

    The online rumor mill lists a \"SKU (stock keeping unit that dealers order by) number as UI4250201, which \"indicates US-made, fixed sights and a low-capacity (10 or less) magazine. Wholesale price on this is only slightly above the Gen3 models, so street price should be $539.95.\"

    Although word on the street is that the G42 will have a street price closer to $350-ish. If this is true, then compact 380/9mm pistol brokers like Kel-Tec, Ruger, and Kahr are fixing to lose cabin pressure.

    Companies like Smith and Wesson (with their Bodyguard and Shield series), Springfield (with their XDS series); Walther (PPK/PPS) and Ruger (LCP/LC9) have been fighting for the single-stack subcompact concealed carry market for a decade. If Glock is stepping up to the plate with a gun of the same or better dimensions/price, it could be a game changer for them.


    Now remember, Glock already makes a .380ACP Glock (the Model 25 and 28) and has since 1999. The thing is, this pocket pistol is produced in Austria fully, and US BATFE import restrictions keep it from coming into the states. The same reason is why Smith and Wesson makes the Walther PPK here as the German company can\'t ship them direct due to the regs.

    This gun and the new /\">Glock 41 have set our forums on fire.

    Definitive proof as to all of this speculation should be resolved at the coming 2014 Shot Show in January. Either way, keep tuned here to Glock Forum and we will let you know what we know as soon as we know it.

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