Rumbles of a mysterious Glock Model 40 in 2015?

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    Once again, the drumbeat of a new offering from Glock that could turn the gun industry (or at least polymer fan boys) on its head is starting to be heard. This December, it seems that rumbles of a new model Glock, dubbed the 40, which by the way is not in .40S&W caliber, are the tune of the season.

    Theory 1

    A number of the more popular firearms related Tumblr and reddit feeds have circulated an image that has stirred controversy without much of source as to where it came from. The image, which looks all the world like it was lifted from an actual Glock catalog or webpage, is of a new "Model 40" pistol that is (wait for it) a single-stack 9mm compact gun. In other words, what everyone wanted this year's new Model 42 .380ACP carry gun to be.


    The image should look like a Glock image because it very well may have started as one (thanks Max for the tip!).

    We give you the long-standard Glock 36.


    If you note through Foto-forensices the image of the speculated "Model 40" is highly Photoshopped, especially when it comes to the text. In addition, when compared to the actual Glock 42 that is almost big enough to fit a 9x19mm round into (after all the .380ACP is just 9x17mm) has no fingergrooves and a straight front strap-- whereas the G36 does.


    So its highly likely that this image is just a G36, which someone has Photoshopped the rollmarks on the slide to a wishful thinking G40 mock up, and added a lot of text to an otherwise Glocky background to seem legit.

    Sorry guys, we wished it were true too.

    Theory 2

    On Christmas Eve, the fine folks over at Triangle Tactical posted rumint from Weddles Gun Shop in Campbellsville, Kentucky of a possible new optics ready long-slide Gen 4 pistol from Glock, chambered in 10mm.

    This gun, wait for it, will be listed as the Glock Model 40.


    What we think

    Glock has long debuted new guns at the annual SHOT Show put on by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. With the show set to open in Las Vegas in just three weeks, could it be possible that the Austrian powerhouse has managed to keep a brand new model under wraps for this long? As you very well remember, in December 2013, everyone knew about the G42-- but assumed it was a 9mm instead of a .380.

    While it's not above the realm of possibility that Gaston and co has punted this year and isn't introducing a new model, we'd like to believe this early hype as all good Glock boys and girls would of either a single stack 9mm compact or a longslide 10mm offering.

    Only time will tell.

    See you at SHOT!

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