Passing the firearms addiction, is it genetic?

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    My addiction to firearms started when I was 11. My father, an ex-Army ranger, passed it on to me. On Christmas morning 1997, I woke up to a 20 gauge single-shot Remington shotgun that my grandfather-- also a retired army sniper-- gave to my father on Christmas morning in 1974.

    I didn't want anything else the rest is the morning. I wanted my little brother to be done and to go in the field and shoot. It was downhill from there. Every extra second I had, that gun was over my shoulder in the woods looking for birds, squirrel, or anything that moved. I took my first deer with that gun and so did my father and my little brother.

    On my 21st birthday, I bought my first handgun, a S&W Sigma 9 mm. I know what you are all going to say: "what a junk gun," but I loved it. It was mine, I paid for it. I shot it once a week. One warm winter day in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, I was packing to move back to my home state of Kentucky I noticed my beloved Sigma gone.

    The day I got back to Kentucky I was on the hunt for something, I did not know what but I had to have a handgun. By this point in my life I have shot hundreds of firearms handguns, rifles, shotgun, you name it I shot it or have dreamed of getting my hands on one.

    My best friend had a Glock 26 that's where my Glock addiction began. That was 4 years ago my first Glock was the 19 the starter Glock and I fell in love. Now my collection is a 19, 33, 26, my girlfriend's new 42 and looking at a 29SF and a 17 race gun build that I plan to start here soon.


    I know the addiction never ends. My girlfriend jokes that I'm cheating on her with my Glocks and the range. The thing is, now I have passed the addiction to her. On a daily basis, she is ready for the range and wanting to start shooting companion. I'm so glad that we finally have a great hobby that we both love now.

    Most couples our age, 21 and 28, are at the bar or going to clubs while we are going to gun shows and shopping all the Lgs and spending time at the range. My girlfriend used to always be up my ass about watching gun shows, YouTube video, magazine now she is just right there with me it's a blessing.


    We have already talked about our future kids: when they should start shooting and what age is appropriate to do so. To wrap this all up, it may be genetic but the addiction can be passed to family and friends. It's a blessing to me to have a partner who has jumped right in and got hooked like I have all the bad habits that we pass on to friends, family and the ones who are around us if we could just pass on the fun, skills, and fundamentals to everyone the world would be a better place.

    Do the world a favor and pass on a good addiction get your kids. Teach them the skills and fundamentals that will make them grow up and appreciate you. I am not close to my father any more but I do think him for the love he has passed to me.

    --Brandon 28, manager of corporate service station, CCW holder, taking CCW instructor classes in May. Love any type of firearms

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