Nearly 7 of 10 cops surveyed use Glocks on the job

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    A survey of some 6,000 law enforcement officers from across the country conducted by a police website found that some 68 percent of all respondents carried Glocks and, further, an impressive 61 percent would choose the gun if given an option.

    A survey conducted earlier this year by PoliceOne, a law enforcement website, of their vetted members asked a series of questions about their duty sidearms. The surprising results found that the overall majority carried Glocks with 3 carried for every Sig Sauer, about 4 for every Smith and Wesson, and 8 for every Beretta.

    (Via PoliceOne)

    Further, when officers are given a choice of what they could carry, the numbers didn't change that much, with Glock remaining in the top spot at about 61 percent, Sig picking up about a fifth of respondents, while the other fifth was split between everyone else.

    (Via PoliceOne)

    The survey also found that departments typically change out their guns about every ten years. This would hold roughly comparable with Glock's generational progression, for example an agency choosing a 2nd Generation Glock 22 in the 1990s, then a 3rd Gen in the early 2000s, and a 4th Gen today.

    Why is Glock so popular with law enforcement?

    In the past several years, we have seen how departments across the country, from the largest such as the NYPD to the smallest such as that of the Samoa Department of Public Safety have elected to go Glock.


    Besides of course the obvious factor that they are a reliable, modern, and hard-serving handgun that has proven popular in use by counter-terrorism teams and military service, they are also easy to upgrade and keep running as the company makes both replacement parts and armorer training readily available at inexpensive rates.

    For instance, when the Northern Virginia town of Front Royal decided to buy new Glock 21s to replace their old ones, instead of putting the veterans out to pasture they got a simple upgrade to remain in service.

    "The ones I am going to replace are the ones that the emergency services team uses," Chief Norman Shiflett told NV Daily."I am going to replace the existing weapons and bring them in to have new springs installed. They're going to be reconditioned and then put back in inventory."

    (Wichita PD qualifiying from the barricade with their standard issue Glocks)

    Then there is the longstanding practice of Glock vendors who elect to buy a department's old sidearms and replace them with brand new in the box Glocks at no charge. Such a trade just happened in Lubbock, whose police department traded in some 400 used Sig P-229s for the same quantity of Glock 22s. Don't worry; they also often do the same for legacy Glocks as well.

    Finally, there is the Blue Label program that allows law enforcement, EMTs, firefighters, security guards, judges, pilots, and others to purchase new Glock police package handguns with the proper identification at a discounted rate.

    With all that in mind, it looks as if the survey validates the company's often-cited claim that approximately "65 percent of police departments in America already put a GLOCK police pistol in between them and the problem."

    I guess maybe there is truth in advertising sometimes.

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