LaserLyte comes out with a training barrel for G19/23

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    LaserLyte has gone one better on their Trigger Tyme laser trainer pistol gun tech and debuted a barrel that turns your own Glock 19 or 23 into a training device with its own on-board laser impulse generator that is impossible to use with live ammo.
    When practicing movement drills, weapon presentation, holstering, close combat, and other evolutions that do not require a loaded firearm, there is no substitute for safety.

    Much of your training regimen for the use of your handgun does not involve range time and making holes in paper. Safe dry fire, draw practice, reloading, and presentation drills build all-important muscle memory for the modern shootist. There is no substitute for this type of sweat equity put into knowing your firearm instinctively.

    However, to be safe while doing these drills, or practicing moving through a realistic environment or in a close-combat training scenario, you absolutely need a clear and safe weapon.

    In the past, this meant plastic training barrels (such as those from 5.11) that replace the actual steel barrel/chamber of a modern semi-auto handgun.

    Then there are lasers that fit in the barrel of your gun such as the bullet-shaped Sure Strike and others and stand-alone training guns like the SIRT and LaserLyte's own Trigger Tyme Laser Trainer Pistol.

    Nevertheless, those training lasers pistol are not your actual gun, which means you aren't using your sights, grip and trigger.

    Well, LaserLyte is now advertising a fix for that.

    Introduced earlier this year the company is marketing a $150 sound-activated training barrel that replaces the OE barrel of your G19/23 and cannot chamber ammunition of any sort. A built-in snap cap saves your breech face and striker as well as activating a center bored laser emulator that simulates the hit down range.

    This allows weapons malfunction drills, dry-fire trigger squeeze training (although you have to cock the slide each time), sight alignment work, as well as most other "cold" training with the guarantee of knowing instantly (through the red muzzle and chamber) that you have an unloaded and safe firearms.

    In addition, as it's a drop in barrel replacement, you can use it with your current holster and gear to aide in draw, retention, and presentation drills while keeping safe.

    LaserLyte LT-GM Specifications:

    -Compatible Firearms: GLOCK 19/23
    -Power Output: 650NM, 5MW, Class IIIA
    -Activation: Sound activated by striker firing
    -Batteries: 3 x 393
    -Battery Life: 10,000 shots
    -Weight:1.5 ounces
    -Material: Aircraft Grade 6061 aluminum
    -Length: 4.00 inches
    -Width: 0.60 inches
    -Height: 1.00 inches
    -MSRP: $159.95

    They also have a G17/22 barrel in slated to start shipping soon.

    Below is LaserLyte's video from Guns and Ammo as well as Tom Gresham giving one the once over.

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