Is the Glock 17 the Perfect Zombie Gun

  1. christophereger
    For the record, we want to say that zombies are fictional creatures, but just in case we are wrong, you may want to have a good handgun. And we think that the G17 could be just the ticket for when the world gets a little more undead.


    Why the G17?

    In an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it situation, the Glock 17 has a lot of things going for it. Besides a fetching profile, the pistol has a basic flush-fit magazine capacity of 17+1 rounds. Extended 33 round box mags or 50-round drum mags are out there and unlike some guns, all of these are in the realm of affordability. This means that a stack of mags for your 17 gun is well within reach. The gun sets the benchmark for reliability, with torture tests running these guns past 300,000 rounds while going through all sorts of abuse and still making holes in targets 25-yards away. Spare parts are out there, are cheap, and can be replaced with a minimum of tools. In fact, the Glock armorer's tool is just a punch with a handle on it and runs about $8 on eBay.

    The New standard

    The first Glock introduced, the Glock Model 17 is rapidly becoming the 21-Century's Browning Hi-Power. The BHP was probably the most issued semi-automatic pistol of the 20th century, seeing some 70 years of front line service in more than 50 countries. Well the G17 is lighter by several ounces, more durable due to its use of Tenifer and polymer, and has a higher magazine capacity (by four rounds) over the classic Browning. Further, with its double-action and safe trigger design, it eliminates the 'cocked and locked' carry of the BHP while still giving a sweet 5-pound trigger pull. This could be why the G17 has replaced the Hi-power in countries that formerly issued it including the British military. In fact, this introductory model Glock is used in more than 40 countries as the official military or police side arm.

    Hollywood supports our choice

    (Ali Larder with her G17 in the Resident Evil franchise. For the record, remember that Trigger discipline and work on that Teacupping!)

    The Glock 17 has been super popular in film, video games, and television series ever since it debuted in the mid-1980s. In fact, the good people over at IMFDB have compiled a list of well over a hundred films that the old G17 has cameoed in. These include several (what a shock) zombie films. This includes Milla Jovich's Alice and others in the Resident Evil series, in the background in Shaun of the Dead and in such forgettable B-movies as Rise of the Zombies. On TV, it is seen in several episodes of the Walking Dead. The G17 of course is the go-to firearm in multiple first person shooters involving the shambling dead including Zombie Panic Source, and is the starter handgun in Resident Evil Survivor and Code Veronica.

    So with all that in mind, should the dead ever stop staying that way, you may want to have a Glock 17 by your side. We will already be in our defensible location with ours whispering,

    'Told you so'.

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