Great idea for scaled Indoor Dry Fire Rifle Range

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    The military has long used a 25m zeroing target to both set the sights on the standard M4/M16 series rifles and for qualification purposes on short ranges. Well, forum member adopted this practice for indoor dry firing with a pretty simple and effective set up.



    If you are a modern shooter, no matter if you run handguns, rifles or shotguns, you have to practice your skills in order to develop them. Remember when you learned to drive? You didn't just hear the theory of driving and then get turned loose, did you? No, you needed to practice and every time you get behind the wheel now is a solid reinforcement for those essential skills that keep you alive while piloting thousands of pounds of steel and gasoline around slick city streets.

    Shooting is just as potentially dangerous and needs just as much practice, if not more, to master. However, unlike driving a car, getting some trigger time doesn't have to be done exclusively in the real world. There are a number of safe ways to get quality practice in on your firearm that only costs as much as setting up a safe indoor dry fire range (with no brass or ammo)

    Glock Forum member HMUP2011 came up with the below.-- Editors

    I had this idea based off of something similar I did in some military training I did last November.



    Let me know if my theory doesn't match reality, or any improvements you can think of.

    1/2" diameter bullseye set up 6.25 yards from "firing line"

    That bullseye size viewed from that distance looks the same as all the distances and target sizes listed on the left.

    The idea is, I can set this up in my house for a quick dry fire practice between range sessions or for days that I can't make it to the range.

    It allows me to practice sight alignment/ sight picture, breathing control, and trigger control.

    Of course I can use this for prone, kneeling, and standing positions.

    Author's bio- A forum member, the author has been on nearly 5 years active auty as a Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy, and qualified as M9 Expert Pistol Shot, M16 Sharpshooter, M500 and is soon to be qualified on M240.

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