Glock Slide Plate Customizing

  1. christophereger
    You may have seen them on your buddies Glock at the range. You may have bumped into the guy selling them at the local gun show a few months back. You may even have one. You know what we are talking about. Those custom slide plate covers.

    Well, then, let us talk about them.

    Who makes these?


    A shorter list could be 'who doesn't'. Most of your major Glock and firearms parts suppliers sell these little after-market gems. The Glock Store carries several. Lone Wolf, who many forum members know and love, makes something like 126 different designs (500+ if you consider that they offer each in four different color choices). NDZ Performance makes several. Smaller outfits like Rock Your Glock, Gun Goddess, and Laser Edge studio make their own and can customize you one.

    Be sure to check with our forum sponsors as many carry these simple $15-$30 custom parts. If nothing else, you can do a google search and find a half dozen makers on the first page.

    How to install.


    First, be sure that you remove your source of ammunition, which includes dropping the mag, and racking the slide three times to make sure it is completely unloaded. Then take the ammo into another room just to have extra insurance. After all, those little brass and lead rounds somehow have a way of making their way into guns when you least expect them to be there.
    Next, field strip the gun and slide. Then, using your Glock armorer's tool (or a small flathead screwdriver) remove your current plate. Then carefully replace it, pushing in the striker assembly gently as needed. There are a few little tricks though with that spring.

    Here's a video from the The Glock Store showing how to install these bad boys and some of their thoughts on them.

    Why have them?

    Well these plates are one of the easiest hacks for your Glock. This change is 100% reversible if you want to restore it to original condition. Further, these little plates can help identify your gun in a glance at the range if you are out with several other likeminded Glock collectors. Sure, if your gun is stolen the crook may replace the plate for an original, but how likely is that? Therefore, it can help identify your gun if recovered.

    Why not have them?

    Some argue that putting a "Zombie Response Team" or "Molon Lebe" logo on your gun can make you a target for a lawyer or prosecutor if you ever have to use your Glock for defense. The logic goes that if your Glock has a Punisher skull or devil adorning it, that it goes to the mindset of the person using the gun. While this is certainly possible, if you find yourself in a legitimate self-defense scenario where use of force is justified, it does not matter if your Glock is pink or covered in skulls, odds are you will be OK.

    On the other hand, if you find yourself in the middle of a questionable shooting or wrongful death lawsuit, having a Superman logo on your gun is the least of your concerns.

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