Glock found in river, stored for two years, good to go

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    When a small town police department found a Glock 27 in a river, they chucked it in the property room and forgot about it for two years. Then, after rust and corrosion took its toll over the course of more than 700 days and nights, they cleaned it. Surprise surprise, the department armorer thinks it will still shoot.

    Not plugging Hornaday or anything but we ran across this today on their facebook page.

    (photo credit-Hornady's facebook page)

    "This Glock 27 was found in a river here in Estes and we had it in property hold for two years. We recently purchased the Hornady sonic cleaner and the idea came up to try and clean this gun, after three cleanings here are the results. Although not tested our firearms instructors say it will fire! We are sending it to the Glock Co. for evaluation." -Cmdr. Eric V. Rose-Estes Park Police Department"

    Now the Estese Park PD is a small department with a Patrol division that consists of one Commander, two Sergeants and 10 patrol Officers to watch over a rural valley town of some 5800 in Larimer County.

    If you have never been there, it's pretty rough country. Not only had it been submerged for an unknown period of time, but it had sat in the dark recesses of the EPPD property room for two years before anyone decided to take a cleaning to it.

    Glocks are no stranger to extreme torture tests. They have been frozen in ice, dropped from planes, buried in jello molds, microwaved, shot, blown up, burned, etc. and still, within reason, kept on ticking. Gun writer Chuck Taylor has put more than 300K rounds through his 1st Gen G17 over the course of the past two decades.

    Video of a Glock 21 buried for two years then put through a back to back 500-round .45ACP torture test by multiple shooters without lube or cleaning, still using the original rusted internal springs. All they did was wipe it off, check it for barrel blockage and function check before going live.

    But all of these are controlled tests.

    The gun recovered in Colorado is a real world incident. And it's not the only time it's happened.

    We don't know how long it was down there, but it looks pretty good. (Photo credit- Monroe County SO)

    The Monroe County Sheriff's Office found a Glock model 23 buried in a suspect's yard in Marathon, Florida in 2010 that looked no worse for wear when it was dug up. And you don't have to be a resident of the Sunshine state to understand just how wet the ground is there.

    In 2005 the Biloxi Police Department lost five of their Glocks to the ravages of Hurricane Katrina. After weeks of soaking in saltwater storm runoff, they were recovered and, after being checked out by the department armorer, found to be in working condition.


    We bet that after the folks in Smyrna take a look at the Colorado G27, it will prove workable as well.

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