Four New Gen 4 Glocks Released

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    Glock USA introduced a number of new and interesting pistols at the 2013 Shot Show in Las Vegas this year. Besides the all new Model 30S, no less than four legacy designs were released in Fourth Generation versions that are sure to turn heads across the country.

    What's the big deal with Gen 4 anyway?

    The Generation Four upgrade to Glock's classic safe action design comes from three decades of lessons learned about the pistols themselves. This upgrade, first rolled out in 2010 is latest evolutions in the Glock stages of development. This mod adds a larger and reversible magazine release, three different-sized back straps for the back of the grip, and a rough textured finish (RTF3) for a more positive gripping surface. The greatest difference is internal and can't be seen at first glance without disassembly-- dual recoil springs that eat up felt recoil and improve already stellar performance, instead of the encapsulated single recoil springs of Gen 2 and 3 models.


    The Glock G20 Rebooted

    If you are a 10mm AUTO fan, then the G20 Gen 4 is the pistol for you. The only handgun that Glock specifically markets to the hunting market, this safe action semiauto is a beefy bruiser. With a 15-round double stack magazine it comes in at a pretty stout 39.51-ounces loaded. Long thought to be a dying design due to the 10mm AUTOs decline in popularity since its peak in the 1990s, the fact that Glock is taking the step forward to place the caliber into an innovative design. The wider selection of grip dimensions will certainly help appeal this stout kicking round to a generation of shooters that may have never taken a look at it.

    More Subcompacts in 4Gen

    The other three designs, the G29 , G30 , and G33-- are all improvements of the 10mm, .45ACP, and .357SIG Baby Glocks. These subcompact guns bring 9-10 rounds of hard-hitting high-caliber rounds in packages that weigh in at less than 25-ounces. With an overall length less than your average Smith and Wesson J-frame .38 snubby but with much longer (3.46-inches in the shortest example) barrels, a more accurate sight radius, twice the capacity, they are a no brainer for both plainclothes law enforcement personnel and educated gun owners who believe in self-preservation.

    With current Glock backlogs being whispered about in terms of months rather than weeks, it's not known when these new pistols will appear on dealer's shelves.

    Stay tuned to Glock Forums for more updates.

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