And We Now Have Confirmation on the G41 and G42

  1. christophereger
    For the past month, we here at Glock Forum have been covering the ongoing saga of the two newest members of the Austrian-born polymer gun family of Gaston Glock. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have confirmation that these guns do actually exist. In the interest of 'video or it didn't happen,' roll that beautiful bean footage!


    The G42 is no unicorn

    Proving that the Glock 42 is not just vaporware or a superimposed shadow behind a zippo, Brandon over at Concealed Nation has an in-depth unboxing and walk around of the new gun. As we speculated, it is a USA-made .380ACP slim line single-stack. Disassembly is the same as everything we have ever seen with a Glock Safety Action pistol. It has the Gen 4 captive guiderod/recoil spring, which makes sense. Brandon did a full disassembly and even in the shifting focus video you can tell it's all Glock-- just in .380.

    (Video from Concealed nation. Go to their page to see an in-depth range eval as well)

    The G41 is no Bigfoot

    Two days ago a video popped up over at Tactical Life featuring that legendary goateed Glock aficionado Mas Ayoob with the company's new longslide .45. As expected, the G41 is a tactical/practical pistol mirrored from the Glock 34 (and cousins) that generated a nice 1000+ fps in .45ACP out of its longer barrel with some of the loads that Mas and the crew experimented with.

    (Video from Tactical Life, according to Mas, "It's a shooter")

    Our observations

    True to our roots here at the GF, we are excited about these two new releases. Without sounding too much like Gaston Glock's cheering section here, we did have to suppress a squee when we saw close ups of the G42. Even though its .380 and not 9mm like many hoped, it's still a very handsome gun. True, it specs out slightly larger than a lot of .380s out in the world that have the same 6+1 capacity, but the rumor mill is already speculating that this size may be so that this gun can accommodate a future expansion to a 9 or 40 platform in coming months.

    In addition, we can't wait for more info on the G41. Hopefully we can get our hands on one soon.

    Stay tuned.

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