4 New Glock Aftermarket Items

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    In recent weeks there have been a number of new drop in upgrades for your favorite Glock including OEM triggers, barrels, and gunsmith-ready slides. With that being said, let us see what's new.


    Haley Skimmer OEM trigger

    Haley Strategic has a drop-in tuned factory enhanced carry trigger dubbed the Skimmer. According to documentation from H/S/, the Skinner features a pre-travel reduction modification to the first stage of the trigger press.


    After pressing through the predictable wall, the trigger delivers a crisp and consistent break. This is billed as delivering a reduction in pre-shot muzzle movement by the shooter and allowing for increased accuracy on target. The $159 trigger is set up for factory Gen 3 and 4 frames as well as the Lone Wolf Timberwolf.

    OA conversion/extended threaded barrels

    It looks like Olympic Arms is getting into the drop-in barrel game. While they state they will soon have barrels for SIGs, Browning Hi-Power, H&K and others, they are starting with Glock.


    Among their lineup is a Glock 23 9mm extended and threaded barrel for $134, a National Match G19 barrel that is broach-cut with excellent chamber support and a standard length Glock 22 9mm conversion barrel for $109.

    Saurez International slides

    SI is debuting a line of very nice gunsmith-ready slides starting with a Gen 3 G19 (but with rounded front nose profiles like the G26/34) for $175.


    The neat thing about these, besides being 416 steel crafted in the U.S., is that they are totally unmarked without logo, serrations, or milling marks which can led to a very understated and clean look on your own build or allow you to really go to town with customization either way. These days you can build your own Glock from the ground up without actually using any Glock parts and with such items as this SI slide, you can see why that is a popular option.

    G43 threaded barrel

    At the 144th NRA Exhibits and Meeting in Nashville, Glock unveiled their new Glock 43. I was there at the media event and asked the Smyrna grand-poohbahs about threaded barrel offerings for the G43 and, while they smiled, just shook their head. Now with the 9mm slim line G43 only introduced in April, X-Caliber firearms have an extended threaded barrel not only on the drawing board, but also in production and shipping.


    The 1/2X28 TPI 3.86-inch extended barrel is black Al titanium nitride coated (AlTiN) to match the slide and have a polished feed ramp for smooth, consistent feeding to keep that subcompact Glock kicking even when in whisper mode. MSRP is $159.

    With over 800,000 NFA-compliant suppressors currently in circulation, and the G43 selling like hotcakes, the move by X-Caliber is probably a smart one.

    And now for the most tricked out custom tacticool Glock you have seen today, check out this one shown off by The Yankee Marshal this week.

    Anything else good out there in the past few weeks we've missed? Drop it below!

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