Your Loved Ones: Fer ya or agin ya?

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  1. johneli2

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    My wife hates the fact that I love guns. She opposed my buying my Glock up until the moment I left the house on my way to the gun broker.

    I was born and raised in the country. I had use of my father's many pistols, revolvers, and long guns since the age of 12. The proximity of our nearest neighbor was measured in football fields.

    My wife, contrarily, was born and raised in the city. Houses separated by driveways. Claustrophobic. Lack of sidewalks induced panic attacks:).

    My idea of the perfect day: Going out hunting with my dog Mickey. Her idea of the perfect day: Going shopping.

    You get the picture...............................................................................


  2. PattonWasRight

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    Tell the Mrs it's just a hobby, no worse or expensive than golf. A LOT cheaper than a mistress, LoL!

    My wife tolerates it, doesn't mind, but will periodically employ it as a reason to buy expensive stuff of her own.

    She works and makes decent money, so I don't take any exception to her 'needs' to redecorate, etc

  3. rbbeers

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    My daughter (a teacher) was very strongly 'anti-gun' until her late 30s.

    Several years ago, the sad events of 'school gun violence' prompted a family discussion during which I asked her what she would do if she saw a gun on the ground. Since she had no training, what would she do? Would she touch it? Would she leave it there for someone else to take? If she picked it up, would she do so safely? If it was loaded, how would she 'make it safe'? And, on and on...

    Well... I made her mad... and that was the end of the conversation... or so I thought.

    A few days later, she approached me and said she wanted to know how to 'make it safe'. I told her that I would teach her, but only if she learned how to safely handle a gun. And, if she agreed, I would take her to the range to teach her the different handguns and long guns that I own. She didn't have to shoot them... just load and unload them... safely.

    She agreed.

    And, now she's a very good shooter... so are the grandkids.

    As an aside, a few years ago, she 'sighted in' a new rifle scope for the husband of one of her friends. She rather enjoyed that! :D

    Best regards,

    Bob :)
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  4. johneli2

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    LOL! My wife just invoked my gun purchase to buy a pair of expensive shoes. They must all read from the same playbook: "Things To Bring Up When You Want to Make An Expensive Purchase."
  5. johneli2

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    A great story with a great ending. Your daughter is refreshingly agreeable and open to new ideas.
  6. Garrett

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    My story is similar. Grew up in the country, closest store was 30 miles away. Raised rabbit beagles with dad, hunted and fished from the time I could walk.
    Wife grew up in a city, never held a gun till she met me. I made her come shooting with me when we were 18. Surprisingly she wanted to shoot my 270 first. Set up a target at 100yds and she was cutting bullet holes. From that moment on she's loved guns.
    Here's my Valentine's Day gift she got me. She knew I'd been wanting a gen 2 s2k for a while. I guess I'm blessed, she'd rather spend the day at the range then go shopping.

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  7. johneli2

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    Lucky guy.....
  8. Exwife hates guns. It's a constant argument about the kids being around guns. My kids have been shooting since they could hold a gun.

    Ex-Girlfriend loves guns. In fact, she took one of mine as her carry weapon. She's gifted me two guns (SIG 1911 Ultra TwoTone and an MPX pistol) in the last year so I'm good. It's going to be warm tomorrow, we plan on taking my kids out shooting.
  9. ukcats

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    My wife has 3 of her own pistols, so, I'm good!
  10. crankypants

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    My family is pro-gun. My wife doesn't have much interest in going target shooting, but my daughters love it. The wife does support me, though; she is comforted by the fact that I have the tools and ability to protect the family.
  11. glockfan4life

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    Pro gun family...we all carry and respect that right to do so.
  12. ABeck88

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    My wife was very against me carrying a gun when we were dating. Now, she owns two of her own guns and is comforted by the fact that we have numerous firearms in the house. She keeps trying to lay claim to my SBR but I'm winning that argument so far...
  13. It took my wife about two years to warm up to GUNS. She has a basic knowledge of shooting and can handle her G26
  14. Fogey

    Fogey fogey

    I had a lot of bad luck with wimmens! Talked to my shrink buddy and he said; YOU pick the woman...!!! Don't let them pick you because wimmens like to change men!
    Git one that as close to every thing you like as possible.

    Took me 45 years and a lot of prayer. I hit the jackpot about 31 years ago in a couple days.

    As we grow older now we have let the calibers get lower because the days for beating up our hands have past.... Wife is hanging on to her 45 LC Rugers. and long guns. I'm trying to break her in on some 380 these days.

    She packs the little guys and she's a sharp shooter with her 22's,

    Bout the only thing that's hard for us to decide is which vehicle to drive to church. My Ole pickup which I love or her ole Park Ave Buick which she loves. Dang! Should I have been a lil more selective?????
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  15. GPerfection

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    My wife is all for it and many times more likely to leave the store with a new gun. When she seen the Kimber Micro - had to have it. She shot my G34 and we left the range with a G19 for her. She then talked me into buying a Walther P22 for the kid to shoot. There was a time where I had to steer her away from the shoe department, now I steer her away from the Kimber's(pretty guns)at the shop.
  16. MikeG

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    My wife had never shot or cared for guns before we married. Now she has broke me. Lol. Taurus 709, Ruger SR9c, Keltec p32, Kahr 380, Glock 42as her carry and Gen 3 Vickers 17. Sometimes your better off if they don't like the sport!
  17. johneli2

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    This convinces me that I should take my chances with my wife going to the mall rather than the gun store.
  18. ronnie948

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    I took my Friends sister to the range when she was down on vacation. This Lady was 100% afraid of guns.It was not that she did not like them, or thought no person should own one.
    She was getting a divorce from a WHACKO and was told to either go away or get protection.
    Well, I brought my G-43 , My G-19 , a Colt 1911 and my AR-15.
    I taught her how to handle the gun and always treat it as fully loaded.
    I taught her how to load the Magazines with my Maglula speed loaders.
    She shot the 19 first and then the 43
    The 1911 she fired but did not really like as much as the Glock 19
    Of course she fell in love with the AR-15 ( Who Wouldn't?)
    She shot at least 100 rounds through each gun and found she liked the G-19 best.
    She was a good shot with both eyes open and at 45 feet hitting the man size paper target.
    She got very comfortable with guns and went home and bought a Glock 19 gen 4 and joined the N.R.A. and joined a indoor range and does not worry about going out or staying home alone.
    I have taken a few people to the range that did not like guns or were afraid of them and made converts out of them.
    My one neighbor that once did not think anyone should own a gun is now a N.R.A. member and goes to the range with his Glock and AR 15 often.
    It seems like most Americans have never ever been around a firearm so they believe everything they see and hear on TV about how bad and dangerous a gun is.
    If any of you have a friend or neighbor that feels like most Media Brain Washed gun hating Americans, Try to get them to the range with you and teach them how much fun it can be punching holes in a piece of paper.
    Education is still the best thing you can do for the mis-informed.
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  19. Bayou

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    My wife is mostly indifferent and has a "whatever lights your fire" attitude about my Glock. I do get a little grief from her when I buy cigars though because they're bad for my health.
  20. johneli2

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    LOL! Let me in on your shoe department deflection secret.......