Which Biometric pistol safe?

Discussion in 'Gun Safes' started by glocktimes, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. glocktimes

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    Can anyone suggest a reasonable priced biometric safe for bedside use to hold a G43? Also one that is good on batteries. Thanks.
  2. I have one and the biometric function is unreliable. It may, or may not open the safe. It certainly won't do it quickly. Other than the biometric technology, it's a good safe. Mine is made by LockSAF.

  3. If you go with a mechanical pushbutton lock, you will never need batteries ;)

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  4. glocktimes

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    I was looking to avoid having to push buttons. Especially if the need arises to get the gun in a hurry.
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  6. I don't know how familiar you are with the electronic vs. biometric vs. mechanical lock but they all have their pros and cons. There are plenty of all types available to find what is best for you.

    With mechanical you can pre-punch all or part of your combo when you go to bed. Opening can be as simple as turning the knob 1/4 turn if that's what you want.

    Keep in mind that a lot of biometric safes go into sleep mode when not in use and upon a touch needs a couple seconds to wake up before you scan your fingerprint. You don't have that delay with a mechanical lock, so in many instances it can be quicker. You do need to remember the combination ;)
  7. ras47

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    I got this one from StackOn: Stack-On Quick Access Safe with Electronic Lock
    Electronic combination but no biometrics. It's excellent as a stand-alone box or bolted down. I have a 5-digit code keyed in and it opens in 2-3 seconds. Super easy to type in the code in the dark as the buttons are raised. Key backup in case the batteries die, but I've had it three months and it's still quick to open.

    It holds my Glock 23, and extra mag, and there's room for more stuff. The door is nice and wide so pulling out the pistol is smooth and easy.
  8. ras47

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    I use my mother in law's condo address as the combination, so I named my Glock 23 after her: "Joan." To keep the two of them straight I call her Joan and the Glock "Joanie."
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    I have the barska biometric safe. Forgot which model but it opens quickly. Just touch the wake up button and then place finger. Used it in the dark plenty of times and the batteries last long. Doesn't hurt to look into it.
  10. tchostler

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    better have good fingerprints or it wont open. maybe the regular use of hand cream would help, but i just use the key.
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    Ditto on the biometrics not being reliable. We get many returned where I work.

    +1 on a push button or 3-wheel combo dial with one or two wheels set just one number off.

    In other words, you can turn one wheel just one number and get it open.

    Whatever you decide, practice it.

    Practice as in setting your alarm clock at 3 am and doing when your brain and motor skills are not fully online.

    In a typical scenario, you'll wake to a sudden noise, but not know that for sure. Once you suspect a break in, it's an immediate rush of adrenaline making the task even harder.
  12. I either unlock my digital safes when I go to bed or more often I use my bedside gun rack that slides in between my mattresses and I have instant access.
  13. snakyjake

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    You want one that doesn't require you to swipe your finger.
  14. rcasanola

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    Have the same brand (they come in different sizes) and I am so happy with it. Tons of space, can be bolted down to the ground, and works phenomenally.
  15. kkaiser50

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    I have this one and it is Terrible! Will not read my forefinger. Will read ring finger after multiple attempts. If your skin is dry your prints don't scan well.
  16. Lucian_253

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    I have this gun vault biometric gun safe. Takes multiple prints. Always opens. Warns you if batteries are low. Also has a key back up.

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  17. Would always be worried it wouldn't work when you needed it , i sign into my bank from my i-phone , it frequently does not work if i have anything on my hands , grease , glue , dirt etc .. luckily i don't have young (or any) children in my house so i keep a loaded pistol in my night stand ..
  18. Lucian_253

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    I leave the key in it at night.
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  20. Lucian_253

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    I already have a biometric drop safe.

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