T.A.S. J Sight Range Report

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    :salute: Hey guys,

    I recently got my hands on a T.A.S. J Sight (fiber optic rear, quite different than just about any rear handgun sight out there), and it took a while before I could get my rear Glock factory sight taken off my slide but just this last week I was able to. Once your factory sight is off, everything is down hill from there. Seriously. You unscrew the 2 torx screws from the J sight with the torx screwdriver that comes included, then slide in the metal dovetail, then set the J sight over it and twist the screws in. You don't tighten it yet because you need to sight it in. Once you get it aligned, then you can tighten them. I would make sure the screws are tight before you shoot it. But then shoot a magazine or two and if you want to put threadlocker or loctite on the screws, I would do so after you shot a magazine or two out of it and you know it's at a distance you're fine with. Now, on to my review... :supergrin:

    First of all, for being longer than other sights, it is very low profile, so it will NOT need a "special" holster. This is very much appreciated. :D

    A couple photos of my Gen 4 Glock 19 FDE with the orange T.A.S. J-Sight:


    Gun: Glock 19 Gen4
    Ammo: American Eagle 124gr FMJ & Winchester White Box 115gr FMJ.
    Distance: 21 feet (7 yards)

    First magazine, 15 rounds American Eagle

    Second magazine, 10-15 rounds American Eagle

    Third magazine, 10-15 rounds Winchester WB

    Right away after my first few shots I noticed this was a lot easier to use than the Glock factory "ball in the bucket" or "dot in the U" sights. The more I shot the more I realized this was going to be a fun shooting session with very little effort on my part. The way this T.A.S. J sight is made, it takes some of the burden of aiming off of the shooter by making it easy to align the front sight by having a rear sight with that same shape. All the shooter has to do is align the two, and raise the front sight just a hair depending on how far you shoot, and press the trigger.

    Personally I can take a little long to aim with the factory Glock sights due to trying to get the front sight horizontally aligned in the notch of the rear sight, and my shots are usually off to the left until I get warmed up. Not with the T.A.S. J sight. From my first shot to my last shot (as you can see from my target photos, I only had ONE round that was a "flyer" that wasn't really where I wanted it to land, but was an aiming error on my part. If I had been using the Glock factory rear sight, ALL of my shots would have landed where that one shot hit. Instead, I barely had to do any work at all aligning the sights. This is VERY easy and would be a GREAT sight for defensive shooting, defensive/combat shooting training, competition shooting, or just fun target shooting. I would certainly trust my aim with the T.A.S. J sight with my EDC (every day carry) gun, and I would actually prefer them so I know that my shots will land exactly where I want them to, there will be no guessing game, and there will be barely any time in between drawing the gun and pressing the trigger.

    This sight provides seriously faster target acquisition than the Glock factory sight, is simple to use, and once you find how far down you need to hold on your front sight (depending on the distance between you and your target), shooting is a BREEZE. This seriously made my range trip a lot better than I have experienced lately. Sure I can group my shots, but the majority of my shots are low left, or center left. With this sight every single one of my shots, minus one, went exactly where I wanted them to go. Any shooter out there who is looking to up their game, simplify the aiming process, or just wants a hassle free sighting method for their handgun needs to get their hands on a T.A.S. J Sight (fiber optic only) or TJ Sight (fiber optic and tritium) sight.

    During my range trip (as you can tell by my photos) there wasn't much light shining down as the sun was hidden behind the clouds. The fiber optic in my J sight stayed bright the entire time I had my gun out. It wasn't ultra-bright knock your socks off fiber optic bright, but it was bright enough that you don't have to squint to see your sight like I do with non-illuminated sights. This is only enhanced when you have your gun out with the T.A.S. J or TJ sight out on a sunny day. This sight will glow like there is no tomorrow. It's like there's a small fire contained inside the sight fixture. It makes sense when you see the construction of the T.A.S. sight; light is free to collect in the fiber optic tube from the front, back, left, right, and directly on top. This is a great construction and the aluminum housing makes it that much more better; as you never have to worry about dropping it and having your T.A.S. sight get banged up, or busted. Plus, this sight was constructed in a way that one-handed slide manipulation is a breeze as well, not an arduous task, but very simple.

    If it weren't for the prices of ammo, I would have shot a lot longer than I did with this sight. I have a lot of fun using this sight, and honestly as nice as this is, I am really curious to see what is in store for the future of T.A.S. products!
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    Great report, thanks for sharing. I have seen these sights before in a review by THEARMORYCHANNEL on YouTube, but have not heard anything else about them.

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    I was wondering about these sites. I met the inventor and he is going to help me install them. Thanks for the review.
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    Great range report. I took the liberty of sending a copy to the head of TAS in Israel. TAS is currently working on some other models besides the Glock and Springfield XD.
    We are very proud and enthused by the field reaction since we introduced the J and TJ variant sights at SHOT 2013.
    My only two recommendations would be to use some red locktite on the TORX just as an added safety as with constant range use they may loosen. I have lost screws before the TORX was upgraded so it is frustrating when they come off at the range.
    Second, use a 6 o'clock aiming point and most of your shot groups will tighten up.
    We have many LE and Military personanel that use the J sight and once they un brain train from a 3 dot system and move up to the single dot , both eyes open they never want to go back to the 3 dot.
    Any other questions feel free to direct them over to me.