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  1. Glockinator19

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    I put a Sig Sauer 1911 RCS 45acp on layaway yesterday, it's my first 1911 to own but I have handled them before. I am curious if I want to get a few parts like a ambidextrous safety will the Wilson Combat or something like that work on the Sig? Also I want to get a different trigger for it that isn't solid, are they all interchangeable through most 1911's? Last thing is if I were to get a new set of grips I think I need the officer size...I'm a glock guy for sure lol. :cool:

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  2. gl0ck

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    That's a really nice looking gun. Congrats.
    Makes me want one now.

  3. Get a wilson combat trigger as well.
  4. Silver-Bolt

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    Wilson 1911 parts will work fine.
  5. Glockinator19

    Glockinator19 Certified Glock Armorer

    Thanks guys! I am a 1911 noob when it comes down to the basics and parts since I haven't had one. Looking forward to getting it! I think I'm more excited than when I get a new glock which is really confuzzling to me...
  6. jbardellini

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    Very nice looking. I want one now. Lol
  7. mgardner

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    You do realize that the trigger and safety may require some hand fitting? The grips need a relief cut too for the right side.
  8. 11Bravo

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    Not necessarily, most 1911 parts need to be hand fitted. This is why I preach learn the 1911 before you go buy one and start changing parts. You can't just slap some junk in it and expect it to work and run like some of you do with your Glocks.

    PS, 1911 purest do not consider a Sig to be a true 1911. I would venture to bet that you will have to fit almost every part that you want to change. Just FYI.
  9. Glockinator19

    Glockinator19 Certified Glock Armorer

    Good thing I really only want to change a couple things...the grips are a simple screw on, and I think all I will do is a ambi safety. The trigger I'm growing to like the look...also I think it's good I'm not a 1911 fanatic and that might make for a perfect pairing for me and this Sig 1911 rcs, I definitely loved the feel an everything about it Sunday. I'm excited, got a great deal too from everything I have seen
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  10. 11Bravo

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    Don't get me wrong, it could be a great gun. Good luck with it, I hope it turns out well.
  11. Glockinator19

    Glockinator19 Certified Glock Armorer

    I hope so too! I think it'll be great
  12. mgardner

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    It should be. We own 3 SIG 1911's. The only real improvement we could make was to change the series 80 trigger system to the original 70 series configuration. It involves the removal of the firing pin safety and the installation of a filler block you can get from Brownell's. There's a video on how to do it too.