Ok to keep mags full?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by lapper13, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. lapper13

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    Is it ok to keep my G19 mags full to capacity (15 rounds)? I've heard conflicting things: 1 camp says it's bad for the mag spring to keep them full and others say that's ridiculous.

    I figure an empty mag is useless for self defense, so I leave them all full. Thoughts?
  2. Yes it is fine to leave them loaded for a long period of time.

  3. jsindoni

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    Iv kept my G23 gen 4 mags all fully loaded since september and they are all still great. Iv herd that its not good to load them all the way, but I figure why would they give you the option if you cant use it. I dont know, im no pro but I honastly think it will be fine. I mean we have Glocks lol we bought them for a reason.
  4. jbardellini

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    I keep most of mine loaded all the time and have not had an issue yet. Although I do not use cheep aftermarket mags.
  5. mopowerbmx

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    I've read plenty of threads and articles saying it is ok to have a fully loaded mag for extended amounts of time. Years I might add. But better safe than sorry I have purchased 10 rounders just for the purpose of keeping my SD ammo in. I feel the spring would keep longer. My 15 round mags are empty and ready for the range. I also number them and try to keep one or two unused. I run them very rarely.
  6. dwcfastrice

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    It's ok to keep them loaded. It's the constant compression and decompression that ends up fatiguing the spring and wearing it out.

  7. chuckds

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    It's not that big of a deal if a spring goes bad just replace it $6 to $10 or so and problem solved. When you clean your mags (1-2 times a year?) check to see if you have at least 2 full coils showing before putting the plate back on.
  8. Thesarge

    Thesarge "The Sarge"

    Think of the primary purpose of Glock pistols: combat pistols for LE and military. Both of which depend on their equipment to work, need to have fully loaded magazines for long time periods, and neither have time for fooling around with down loading or rotating magazines. Load your magazines with confidence. Bill
  9. Donn

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    That's what I've heard lately too.
  10. glock26USMC

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    + 1...........