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    Hey everyone, new member here obviously. Not new to glocks but I am new to the frame modifications and hope to dabble into the stippling side of them.

    Currently I own a 19, 21, and a 43 among many other pistols. Generally I've kept my handguns relatively stock but I put an aftermarket barrel on my 19 and 43 which led to triggers and so on. Now I've caught the bug to try out stippling the frames. I've thought about sending them off to get done professionally but after seeing some prices I think I'd rather give it a go myself, not to keen on paying the prices when I could almost buy another gun :usa:

    So here I am searching the forum for DIY jobs and your guys guidance :thankyou:
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    Welcome from Montana

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    Youtube has great videos on stippling. I've used a soldering iron and a Weller wood burner. I prefer the wood burner and it comes with some nice tips. If you have a soldering iron the tip may be to sharp and you may have to file it a bit. Here is my G19; using a Weller wood burner and Starburst pattern. If you elevate your hand on a 2x4 or 2, you will be more stable. Practice on anything polymer until you feel confident.
    I resized the grip with a heat gun and Dremel prior to stippling.

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    Welcome to the forum!