Have the glock 17... what next?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by jogart, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. jogart

    jogart New Member

    Am looking for something sub 600$ total
    Leaning towards a rock island 1911 .45
  2. jogart

    jogart New Member

    Living in California

  3. jogart

    jogart New Member

    I have, hard to find a spot that will ship a 10 rd mag cz75b to California
  4. Lucian_253

    Lucian_253 Well-Known Member

    I bought a Rock Island 1911 CS for $400 out the door. I love it!! It's a tack driver. I've never had any failure with it either. Great little 1911.

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  5. FrontierTCB

    FrontierTCB Member

    Rock Island supposedly makes a quality 1911 at a great price. I have read many good reviews and few to none bad.
    However, I would much prefer a CZ 75 BD since a live in what is as we speak still a free state without nonsensical restrictions.
    With the mag limits considered I might be persuaded to give a Rock Island 1911 a shot.

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  6. FreaknAZ

    FreaknAZ New Member

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  7. wildbill45

    wildbill45 Member

    Like asking others what girl to date. What is your intended use, which may narrow it down by hundreds of choices? You looking used or new? You can get a better quality 1911 used, instead of a lesser gun new, which WILL BE USED as soon as you buy it. Since you have a long gun, do you want a compact or micro? Wheel gun or semi-auto? A used AR or shotgun? I cannot recommend a solution to an open ended question, that would be silly of me.

    Let me ask you, how long is a piece of string?:)
  8. Bearclaw500

    Bearclaw500 New Member

    If you're looking for a 1911, RIA makes quality firearms for the money. But at your price point you might be able to find a used SR1911. I dont know about where you are, but I'm thinking about picking up the SR1911 CMD from my local store new for $695
  9. jogart

    jogart New Member

    I have no intentions of conceal carrying, it's intended for range use only. For home defense my g17 will be grabbed without a doubt. I prefer a semiauto around the same size as my g17
    I'm willing to go used but would rather have new
    Primarily am looking for 1911's,
    Used browning hi power
  10. dtom1776

    dtom1776 New Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    I have to agree with the Rock Island 1911. I have one and a 9mm version, both are excellent 1911.
  11. Greywood

    Greywood If you have enough confidence every zoo is a petti

    Just too add something different how about a 357mag? Single or double action either way still alot of fun and you can shoot 38 or 357mag so kinda 2 guns in 1.
    I will say I know alot of guys with the RIA 1911s and they love them and I've shot them and was more than happy. I just gave up on 1911s years ago.....unless it's a Chris Chambers custom then I'm hooked...lol!!!
  12. jogart

    jogart New Member

    Just purchased a RIA 1911 .45, 10 day waiting period now 430$
  13. wrench459

    wrench459 New Member

    Staying in the same caliber...995ts carbine.
    They are a blast.
  14. FergusonTim

    FergusonTim New Member

    If you want a 45 i just bought a 30S and love it you can get them for around 550 out the door
  15. morph860

    morph860 Active Member

    Rock Island makes some awesome stuff. Priced very well for the quality. ImageUploadedByGlock Forum1484916558.959010.jpg